Shotokan Shihan – Kai Karatedo Academy was founded after the demand of many Karateka’s who really needed a place for real training, improve skills, and cultivate the true spirit of Karate.
The Dojo is registered in the Government of Cyprus as a Legal Athletic Club. Our aim is to reach as close as we can, to perfection of Character, improvement of Shotokan skills, and spread Shotokan Karate to the world. Improvement of character, principles and ethics, self-control and dignity, are among the key points of our targets in the Dojo.
Gaining self-confidence comes in the course of training.

Our Sensei, Savvas Papademetriou 7th DAN, is the Director and Chief Instructor of J.S.K.A. Greece and E.S.K.A Cyprus.

Sensei Savvas

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